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Full Circle - Knoll & ANEW

  Full Circle is an exclusive resource recovery program developed by ANEW and sustaining sponsor Knoll; the program is comprehensive, covering everything from decommissioning old commercial space to setting up in the new office.


ANEW Media Launch

We're pleased to announce that ANEW Media is now an official entity, launching operations with three exciting projects. 


Non-Profit Outlooks for 2013

Guest blogger Ashley Halligan of Software Advice on what the new year may bring for NPO:

Nonprofit Outlooks for the Remainder of 2013

As reports are finalized from companies within the nonprofit technology, financial, HR, and job


Venture Capital & Energy Management Software

From guest blogger Ashley Halligan of Software Advice, solid evidence that venture capitalists see the value of sustainable practices supported by precise metrics.


5 Ways to Validate Giving Decisions & Drive Retention

Guest blogger Ashley Halligan of Software Advice offers these wisdoms for non-profits:

5 Ways to Validate Giving Decisions & Drive Retention 
By Ashley Halligan
Matthew Mielcarek, the VP of Consulting at Charity Dynamics, recently submitted an article to the company I work for with some pretty timely, pretty fantastic, and pretty prescriptive advice for nonprofit organizations entering the New Year.


A Game of Chess

This video reveals a classic exchange of strategies between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky during their world chess championship match, 1972.


4 Steps Non-profits Can Take to Establish Lasting Business Partnerships

Guest blogger Ashley Halligan of Software Advice recently published this article.

She reached out to professionals from both nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses to outline how a nonprofit should begin the search for a lasting cause marketing relationship.


3 Steps to Achieving Zero Waste

In a recent submission by guest blogger Ashley Halligan, she discussed how organizations can achieve zero-waste--that is, literally, diverting 100% of their waste from landfills.


HOK L.A. Welcomes Stan Chiu

Our colleagues at HOK welcome Stan Chiu, AIA, LEED AP, as senior vice president and management principal to HOK Los Angeles.


Energy Management Apps

Guest blogger Ashley Halligan of Software Advice in Austin, TX recently wrote a story outlining energy management and environmental performance applications that any organization can implement and afford.


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