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HOK's Pam Light Honored at Calibre Awards


At a black-tie event celebrating the 2014 International Interior Design Association's Calibre Awards, Pam Light, senior vice president and interior design leader for HOK's Los Angeles office, earned the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award.


Holistic Vision & Wisdom

That R. Buckminster Fuller was a true visionary is well known; the depth and breadth of his vision can still be startling.


5 Things I've Learned in 8 Weeks of Sustainability Conferences by Gil Friend

Posted November 12, 2013 by Gil Friend in Natural Logic.

For most of the past eight weeks, I’ve been on the road at sustainability conferences*: New Metrics,Sustainability Applied, a private company briefing, Cities AliveNet Impactthe SRI ConferenceCleanTech Future.

Keynoting some, moderating some, occasionally a civilian. (I missed SXSWeco, alas, and Bioneers and the San Francisco Green Festival for the first time in maybe forever.) I’m tired but enriched—fired up, actually—and want to share a few impressions with you.


Homeland Ingenuity

This illuminating article from Dwell Magazine shines a warm light on American industrial artistry.


Sustainable Cities - Stockholm

People worldwide are increasingly aware of sustainability's benefits, whether through individual experience or a larger context, such as entire cities or townships focused on a community approach to sustainable living.


Knoll at NeoCon

Besides offering a look at Knoll's beautiful showroom at NeoCon 2012, this fascinating video features details of why and how Hans & Florence Knoll established their legendary company. Check it out!

Visions & Ripples

Idea; concept: design in thought. Idea fibers coalesce, unfold, take flight. Some seem fragile, fledglings venturing from the nest. Others, good ideas, sound ideas, appear to spring fully formed, fomenting; their ripples reverberate almost indefinitely. When Walter Gropius and colleagues established the Bauhaus, it was


Hello Waveforms

Graft Tower

In the consideration of things prevalent and subjective, perhaps no things are more prevalent, more subjective than architecture and music. They are pervasive influences in our lives, entirely subjective to personal sensibilities. One person's dream sonata can be another's sonic hell. 


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