We steward corporate surplus furniture away from landfill and back into the community.
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Illumination through Recycling

A discarded plastic soda bottle evolves dramatically, utilizing simple, available materials. Check out this fascinating video.

Sandy Wilson at Dwell on Design

An impromptu interview with our newest board member Sandy Wilson at Dwell on Design; thank you Alison Mullin of Starfish-PR!

Rose at Dwell on Design

Rose Tourje gave an impromptu interview at Dwell on Design recently; thank you Alison Mullin of Starfish-PR!

Rose Tourje Speaks at FIDM - LA

ANEW founder/president Rose Tourje speaking at FIDM-LA:

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4 Staff Members, 11 Years, 20 Countries, 50 States, 1200 Recipient Organizations, Over 15.5 Million Pounds Diverted from Landfill

Solutions to the Landfill Problem

Until recently the standard procedure for disposing of construction and demolition waste was simply to send it all to landfill. This practice produces devastating results. According to EPA estimates, methane produced by rotting matter in landfills is the second largest factor affecting global climate change. Construction and demolition waste account for 40% of landfill substance. 



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