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Nonprofit Turns Offices' Trash Into Treasure - Santa Fe New Mexican



CBRE & Bank of America - Surplus Stewardship

Great write-up by our partners at CBRE and Bank of America regarding our practice of Surplus Stewardship:

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Redirecting Surplus Furniture to Charity

ANEW is a national nonprofit organization that assists businesses in matching surplus furniture and similar items with nearby charities and agencies that need it. It serves as a sustainable alternative to common liquidation practices, and redirects useable goods and materials for repurposing.

Project Manager Dina Mancini used ANEW recently as part of a decommissioning project in Pittsburgh, PA, and was able to redirect 3.1 tons of office furniture away from the landfill. And Dina isn’t the only PJM to use the program. So far this year, Bank of America has used ANEW’s services on six projects, which has diverted approximately 15 tons of furniture from landfill and into a second life with a local organization. 


Dina's efforts exemplify best-in-class project management practices while making significant contributions to our client's 2020 environmental goals. Congrats to all of our teammates who have used this program so far. Well done!



ANEW Featured in UST Global Article by Creative Bytes

Four staff members, 9 years, 20 countries, 50 states, 800 charities, over 13.7 million pounds diverted from landfill—these impressive stats belong to ANEW, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization in LA, USA that’s been busy from 2005


How Design Can Change the World

This excellent article by Nancy Zimmerman features a comprehensive look at the integration of design and sustainability - click here:



Today's Facility Manager Magazine: Surplus Furniture

Glenn Sparks of ANEW offers sustainable practice suggestions for commercial real estate facility managers. The article is reprinted below; you can read it in the magazine here.

Surplus Furniture

by Glenn Sparks, June 2013 FM Issue

In the world of facility management (FM), sustainability has evolved from a buzzword to an essential component.


Sustainable Alternatives in Facilities Management

Glenn Sparks of ANEW penned this article for Ken Burkhalter's blog FM and Beyond.

In the world of facilities management (FM), sustainability has evolved from buzzword to essential component.


Transforming Surplus Furniture & Fixtures Into Sustainable Alternatives

This article, in the current issue of The Leader, is authored by Glenn Sparks & Rose Tourje of ANEW, with CRE expertise from Ron Burkhardt of NGKF-Los Angeles. You can read it here. The Leader is the bi-monthly magazine of CoreNet Global.

Designing A Sustainable Future

From Impact, the HuffPo Video Community:

Since teaming with ANEW and Rose Tourje, Change For Balance has had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing individuals and businesses in the architecture, building, and design world.


Boon Economics: AIS Partners With ANEW

From ID DesignWire Daily:

Sometimes a surplus can be a burden. If your office is full of remnants of workplaces past, or if your company is overloaded with excess stock, there are far smarter solutions than just trucking them all


The Other Social Network

Colin Fanning in Metropolis Mag:

Sustainability is, by now, a well-embedded and highly visible part of public discourse. Buildings that breathe and cities that live are less science fiction than just plain science, and people are becoming more and more conscious of the impact their actions have on increasingly stressed ecosystems.


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