We steward corporate surplus furniture away from landfill and back into the community.
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Recycling & Waste in the 21st Century

A colleague's cogent observations regarding lifestyle mindsets:

Amber Keenoy

LEED AP, Director of Sustainability Practices, Asset Network for Education Worldwide (ANEW)

Many of today’s products are made for mass consumption. An unintended side effect of society’s hunger for more is a resulting amount of waste; millions and millions of tons of waste generated every year.


ANEW Featured in NOF Q4 CSR Report

We're honored to be working with National Office Furniture and Kimball Office, ANEW steward sponsors:

JASPER, Ind.--National Office Furniture, a brand unit of Kimball International, Inc., has released its fourth annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report which details the company’s commitments in the areas of community and environment. 


Take Part - ANEW as Creative Innovator

We were recently featured in this Take Part article:

Every year, about four billion pounds of furniture, carpet, and construction waste gets tossed into landfills . Much of it is still in good working condition, according to a recent report in GOOD.


The Fact That Changed Everything: Rose Tourje and ANEW

This content is brought to you by GOOD, with support from IBM. Click here to read more stories from The Fact That Changed Everything series and here to read about other Figures of Progress.

One day in May 2005, it rained furniture in downtown Los Angeles. From a fifth-story office window on Main Street, desks, drawers, bookcases, and every variety of office equipment were dumped unceremoniously down to the pavement below.


ANEW: Surplus Repurposing Serves Communities

A great write-up by Tami Carey in itmagazine. Tami is a pioneer in repurposing IP, having resurrected the banner from our old website.


Inside a showroom, a family purchases a sofa for their third home. Outside, a woman walks to her third job so her family can have one home to live in. An office is getting a makeover. Old desks that do not go with the new decor are thrown out of the 5th floor window, splintering into pieces as they hit the pavement. In that same community, schools and organizations don't have desks at all.


End-of-Life Options for Commercial Furniture

From Buildings Magazine:

When confronted with no longer needed furniture, the common, careless response is often “Off to the landfill!


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